- Established 1977 - 

Paul, AKA "Pavlos" 

Paul is the youngest member of our team, and our diamond in the rough!

George, AKA "The Cousin".

George is a jack-of-all-trades, our Renaissance Man. He does not shy away from the heavy jobs, as he is the muscle behind the family.

Roland, AKA "Big Red".

Roland is the master of design! He loves to marinate and make fun and ready to eat food!

George Laganas, AKA "Talk-too-much", the heir of the business.

George enjoys to talk and educate about his products. His passion is to create masterpieces through meat. 

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Theodore Laganas, AKA "Theo", AKA "Terry", the big boss.

Theodore is the owner of Ellas Meat Market and the brains behind the operation.

Ellas Meat Market was established in 1977. In 1985, Theodore Laganas purchased it and made Ellas Meat Market into what it is today. 
Since then, the store has been a family run business together with Theodore's son George Laganas. Ellas Meat Market is proud in providing only quality meat and thrives on quality service! We consider every customer a family member and for this reason we believe in serving only the best. Our customers can choose to customize the cut of the product in the interest of accommodating all of their needs. We are very proud of our specialty cuts ranging from Lamb/Pork Crowns, Frenched Rack of Lamb/Pork, and Butterflied Lamb Legs.